Project Damu China

Project Damu China

High Tech Logistic JV LLP (hereinafter – the “Company”) presents our regards and wishes every success and  prosperity to you and your business!

With the present letter the Company is happy to present you our new service – consulting and purchase of goods and services in the PRC.


If you still do not have answers for:

  • Is it possible to find goods with favorable prices in the shortest possible time from the best Chinese manufacturers?
  • Whether the goods will be manufactured in time and in accordance with the required quality?
  • Whether you can save money on transportation and customs expenses during goods delivery from the PRC?


Then our commercial offer is for you!

Our Company works on the PRC’s market, the office is located in Guangzhou city, we perform direct equipment, special techniques, building materials, furniture and consumer goods delivery from the best PRC’s factories.

We offer effective business arrangements, and you have an opportunity for saving money up to 30% and sometimes even up to 50%.

 We can prove you that it is possible to work with the PRC with full confidence in your business prosperity, if we are nearby!


Professional and well-coordinated team of employees and partners of the Company in the PRC and Kazakhstan, knowing Chinese language and cultural peculiarities and mentality of Chinese citizens, offers you the following services:

  • Search and monitoring of Chinese market of companies/manufacturers
  • Inspection services and shipment quality control
  • Assistance in business-trips organization to China
  • Cargo transportation and warehouse services
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for tax purposes
  • Assistance in preparation of the required customs documentation
  • Assistance in clearance procedures


The Company offers optimal tariffs for the cargo transportation services from China to Kazakhstan and Russia, due to:

  • Own consolidated warehouses in China and Kazakhstan
  • Own temporary storage warehouse areas, commercial and customs A class warehouses
  • Specially allocated customs terminal and customs area on the territory of “DAMU” Industrial-Logistics Parks


The Company also offers flexible payment system for the provided services and offers effective models for cargo transportation with all necessary documents provision.

If you plan your business with us, you will have a unique opportunity to optimize expenses and save your company’s money, receiving a wide range of logistic services on attractive terms.


We are always happy to answer your questions and hope for further strengthening of our mutually beneficial cooperation!


Best regards,

Director                                                              Shamakov M.V.